Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What do you usually do in a boring lecture?

a 10 minute portrait for Dr Salah .
24 Sept 2008 - class 201 - around 12 am.

It's not very accurate but it wasn't easy to capture his face while continuously talking and moving and using an 0.5 mm pencil but I sketched it. and I think it's not bad. Of course it's not complete. Needs more shading , more details and a better paper to be sketched on, but I was only wasting the time.


ahmed kotb said...

brilliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant , really very nice portrrait u r a real artist ya yasser;)

Mohammad said...


LORD M said...

great work yasser , lo7a fanya gamila gedan.

Zamir said...

what made you do that?
did you impressed by him so much to do that or what ?
but , it is a very good and very close to him ,perfect.

KandeeeeeeeeeeeL said...

eih elly da5alak CSE yabni enta...

enta 7a2ak kont da5alt fonoon 7eLwa wala ay 7aga fanneyaa

"enta mawhoob ya ebni"

waleed tag said...

كما عرفتك رساما محترفا
لكن لا اعتقد انك تريد من الدكتور ان يراها